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An international god send

Dr. Bill is an international god send to the western world of natural medicine. He intuitively understands the fundamental principle of energy and healing to concisely alleviate the problem (pain) at its source. After one session, I've found immense relief. Dr. Bill (in my case) recommended a couple (very affordable) herbal supplements - suggesting I take them twice a day until gone to continue to the healing process. naturally, before purchase- I did intensive research and discovering the incredible whole body health properties (as well as consistent 5 star reviews) I bought them and have continued to feel much relief. Very thankful for Dr. Bill and his wisdom. I intend to return anytime I'm in the area.

-Shauntae D./ Yelp

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I called Dr. Bill in desperation

At the end of a long, hot, grueling move where we downsized our home, I was left with a wrenched back that was in a tight knot. I could barely walk and had trouble getting out of bed to a seated position. I tried to make an apt. with Arrosti or my Chiropractor, neither could work me in. I called Dr. Bill in desperation. He worked me in and told me I wouldn't believe how much better I would feel in just an hour. To my skeptical surprise it worked, and even better, it lasted and continued to improve over the next few days. The exact opposite of my experience with chiropractic treatment where my maximum relieve occurs at treatment and diminishes over time. Dr Bill has now become my primary goto source for relief after three orthopedic surgeries.

-Jerry Wagnon/ Google

I highly recommend

I highly recommend Alamo acupuncture because they have helped me out for many years I usually go see them because I deal with a lot of stress at work I have multiple businesses and I constantly require help with anxiety because I deal with a lot of stress usually when I go see them I have knots on my back and my neck and after a couple days they are completely gone I thank God for putting people like this on Earth to help us out

-Juan Marquez/ Google

I consider Bill our family

I consider Bill our family PCM(walk-ins welcomed). Bill has been taking care of our family with aliments from sprains, migraines, back pain to cancer for well over 5 years now, I have a top notch immune system thanks to bill and he even does some touch ups on my face for wrinkles and the pearl cream that I get from him is my favorite cosmetics cream to use. Bill has seen me through several family crisis and listens with a compassionate heart, he then tells you that you will get through it then he goes to work on your body to help it help you to the best of its ability. I whole heartedly recommend Bill as your go to practitioner for tune-ups and maintenance he will help you to keep yourself in check when it comes to being responsible for your own health and well-being as well as your family’s.

-Maria Hernandez/ Google

A great care giver someone I can always count on

I have been going to Dr Bill to get acupuncture treatments for many years, and receiving treatments to boost my ammune system to help me fight my cancer, I also received treatments for headaches, sinus pressure from allergies, muscular discomfort in my right shoulder, side and feet. When I get the cold or flu I go to Dr Bill. I have also recieved treatments to bring up my energy level. Dr Bill is the best acupuncturist in San Antonio, before Dr Bill I had been to many different acupuncturists and never had the results that I have had with Dr Bill. I recommend him to all my friends. And Thank you Bill for being a great care giver and someone I can always count on. You are the Best!

-Julian Hernandez/ Google

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Truly a Godsend

Bill Tseng is truly a gifted acupuncturist. I found "Dr. Bill" about a year ago while searching online for help for me and my son. After only two acupuncture treatments and a few months of herbal treatment, my 14-year-old son no longer suffers from serious bouts of asthma and allergies. He is like a new person! My son had been taking multiple asthma and allergy medications since he was an infant and each year seemed to decline. At that time, my TMJ pain was at an absolute high and no medication offered relief. Dr. Bill helped us when traditional western medicine alone couldn't. I cannot promise him enough; he was truly a godsend.

Dr. Bill is readily available, direct, and honest. He will not overcharge nor recommend excessive treatment. Make an appointment; you'll be glad you did!

-E. Heckard / La Vernia, TX

Number One

I have been seeing Dr.Bill for two in a half years and he has turned my life completely around. I was on my way to an early grave and I prayed that God will send me to someone to help me and I met Dr.Bill. There are really no words to explain the abilities he holds. If you are in pain you don't have to be; just try him once and you will see for yourself.

-CSMobileUser / Citysearch

Bill Tseng of Alamo Acupuncture is the BEST!

This guy is amazing!! My husband went for major back pains and only had to go one time! My husband works a very strenuous job filled with manual labor so he suffered from back pains. Not anymore! I went for fibromyalgia pains, Bell's palsy pains and menstrual issues and I will tell you this, Bill helped me so much I was in the best shape ever after my treatments! My mother also had a knee she could not bend and after her treatment she was able to bend the knee!

-The Wellingtons / Citysearch

Best Acupuncturist in Town!

I have been treated for a major shoulder cramp/spasm, a problem with being able to move my toes, a migraine and other issues that have came about from side effects to chemo for cancer. All have been corrected by Bill Tseng with immediate Relief. I recommend going to see Bill for any ailment.

-Julian Hernandez / Citysearch

The Best Holistic Healer Around

I was diagnosed with u-fibroids last year and was given the option of possible surgery or pain control meds, none of which I was crazy about, then by luck I just so happened to browse the web an there was BILL TSENG, so I called him to ask if there was anything at all that he could do for me. Without hesitation he said, "yes of course there is." I soon went in to see him and he gave me an herbal concoction of some sort that to my amazement has worked, I don't have a heavy flow anymore, nor do I have low back pain nor abdominal pain for that matter and no side effects to boot. I wish my twin sister had opted for holistic treatments instead of the traditional methods, my sister had complications from her surgery....I miss her dearly.........but for all of you ladies please try holistic as a 1st resort over traditional medicine (with due respect does have its place)...

-Rosary2 / Citysearch

Chronic Pain Eliminators!

If you have any kind of chronic pain and have tried other methods of relief and have found none then pay these people a visit! They are very knowledgeable and the results will surprise you! My best-friend was in a car accident and was in very chronic pain. With 4 children to care for didn't want to take pain medication. She went here and within 3 weeks they had her on the road to recovery, and all without taking one single pill!

-Mike H. / Insider Pages

Immediate Relief

I have been treated for a major shoulder cramp/spasm, a problem with being able to move my toes, a migraine and other issues that have came about from side effects to chemo for cancer. All have been corrected by Bill Tseng with immediate Relief. I recommend going to see Bill for any ailment.

I have been treated by Bill for several health issues such as headaches, low back pain due to an auto accident and for Uterine Fibroids and I might add that since I've been with Bill I have avoided surgery, long term Western Medications which is the traditional treatment for this issue and I have the freedom of simply allowing nature to just take its course in due time without any suffering that usually goes with UF's. I have had great health benefits with Bill's acupuncture and herbal treatments.

-The Hernandez Family / Yahoo.com

Great For Any Pain Or Sickness

Yes I have been to him 4 times and this guy is great! Not only have I been to him I told a friend who couldn't even bend to tie her son's shoes now can..and she's been twice now..He knows what he's talking about and that's what I like about him. And he really cares!!


Great Help for Back Pain & Migraines

If you are dealing with any type of pain you should give Alamo Acupuncture a try. Bill definitely knows his stuff. He has been given numerous awards for the best chinese medicine practitioner in San Antonio, and has been doing acupuncture for over 30 years. I was having major issues with my lower back and Bill has managed to help with eliminating the pain almost entirely. I'm continuing my treatments at the pace of about one a month and I am seeing further improvements. After seeing my results with Alamo Acupuncture my wife went to see Bill with a horrible migraine and within two hours of treatment the headache was gone. Granted it's a bit more expensive than a couple of Advil but her headaches normally last two to three days so it's well worth the cost of treatment.


Try it, You'll Like It

After 2 back surgeries, I was still in a lot of pain. I started going to Alamo Accupuncture. With my treatments, My nerve pain has greatly been reduced and I have been able to cut back all of my pain medicine by two thirds. I have tried other Acupuncture practictioners, but Bill is the only one who has helped reduce my pain.


So Very Healing and Dedicated and Talented!

I am no longer on steroids or narcotics for disk disease, arthritis, and other nerve damage. I'm stronger than I have been in over a decade. I cannot recommend Dr. Bill enough if you are in pain or have other conditions that acupuncture can treat or cure.


Most Wonderful Person in the World

Dr.Bill is not only very skillful he cares. It's genuine. I have a chronic illness and thanks to Dr.Bll he has made this journey more bearable. There have been times when I really didn't think I was going to make it, and he had assured me I would. Due to my condition and terrible daily pain it was hard to believe him. All he asked is that I give him a try and well, while I'm not cured I am so much better than I was. I don't lie in bed all day and I don't swallow 18 to 20 pills a day anymore. Dr.Bill is great!


I Love Him

Dr. Bill is so awesome; I had very severe fatigue when I pregnant, I was so weak I could barely talk. The herbs helped immediately and then when I got a terrible flu, nothing could get rid of it -- finally I took some herbs and it was gone in 3 days (after 3 weeks of suffering.) He also helped my toddler with his sleep problems and his acupuncture is unlike any other acupuncture you've ever experienced; he'll tell you it's 4 times as potent and he's not exaggerating.